Scene Writers are a Berlin based electronic pop act consisting of Chris Brock and Sebastian Nouvortne. There's a long road between their first experience with making music and them working in their studio located in the most exciting cultural melting pot of Europe. Thanks to their history of performing in bands, playing instruments and writing songs, Scene Writers is more than just a producer/DJ act. The common image of modern producers consists of spending their musical career in front of a laptop, tweaking sounds and literally programming music. But the core of Scene Writers' artist identity is about the process of creating music and writing songs in the most traditional way. They weren't two kids finding out about their passion for music by remixing others or constructing melodies with a computer keyboard. They were playing drums, playing guitar and working on lyrics. The design of their sound is what makes them producers, but writing songs and being on stage is what makes them artists. Scene Writers can be characterised by merging divisive electronic, sometimes even EDM-ish music with personal, intimate and genuine songwriting. Parallel to their own releases, Scene Writers also produced official remixes for Dillon Francis 'We The Funk - Scene Writers Remix' and Lemarroy 'Collide - Scene Writers Remix'.



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